Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fishing the Treasure Coast with Captain John

By late winter, early spring I'm usually going insane for some warmer weather and sunshine.  By March, our season up north is tauntingly within reach, but still several grueling weeks away.  Several years ago I discovered what Florida's Treasure Coast had to offer as a fishery that was much easier to reach than the Caribbean, Mexico or South America. 
If you plan ahead, you can generally find tickets for just over a hundred bucks each way on JetBlue from one of the major northeast hubs like JFK or Boston.  If you're like me, suicide runs from Vermont to catch a flight several hours away doesn't even get second do what it takes when you need your fix of sun and fish.

Once you arrive in West Palm Beach, throw on your flip-flops, hop in the cheapest rental car you can afford and head stright to the Port St. Lucie area to link up with Captain John Meskauskas of Stuart Fly Fishing.  John offers fly and light tackle charters for just about anything that swims, and you never know what you might come across while fishing the Treasure Coast, so you'll want the best guide you can find.  Huge Jacks, Little Tuna's, Tarpon, Snook, Sea Trout, Cobia and lots of other species ready to chase a lure or smash a fly!
Spend 6 hours or a couple half days jumping tarpon or watching monster jacks crash surface poppers and come back refreshed and ready for mud season.

John is also an insanely good photographer, so make sure to check out his Photo and Reports Blog for a li'l eye candy.

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