Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hurry Up & Wait!

Noah's Big Belly Streamer
Hurry up and wait is typically how trout season starts around these parts. Everyone is antsy to get out and get fishing for good reason...winter is brutally long here in the North Country! The reality is that things really don't come into full swing around here until early to mid-May, and then it gets really good!
We've gotten reports of fish being caught, most of which are steelhead. Personally, I'd rather see high, unfishable flows this time of year so that our spawning fish can get it done undisturbed. Our tribs are generally the first to clear up enough to fish, but many of them should be left alone.
Kashner Caddis Pupa
The shop is coming along really nicely and we're still adding more tying materials weekly, as well as stocking our fly bins only with patterns tied right here in Vermont! We've recently brought in some patterns from a 16 year old Franklin County boy named, Noah Gates. Noah ties some great patterns, so check them out on the site and get an order together for him!
We've also just gotten some of our favorite patterns in from Chuck Kashner of Vermont Fishing Trips. Chuck has some tried and tested patterns that must be in your fly box, including one of our all-time favorites, the "Kashner Caddis Pupa." Remember all flies in our store and on our website are tied locally and we ship within VT for only a buck!
The 2015 Ditch Pickle Classic could possibly be the most fun you have all summer! Register today!

This week's tying video features a technique called the complex twist. Check out the CT Sculpin here...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mucho Agua Out There!

Brewster River - High and muddy 4/14/15
It looks like I spoke a little too soon with my report yesterday, saying that the Lamoille would likely hover around 2000cfs for a couple days! Yesterday's insanely beautiful warm weather, combined with last night's rain has most of our rivers and streams in the north country and beyond completely blown out and unfishable. Every piece of moving water I saw this morning was really high and dirty. The Lamoille is over 4000cfs so it's just going to be a waiting game. Do yourselves a favor and keep a close eye on THIS before doing any fishing over the next few days.

Here's the next video in our 2015 tying series, Stanley's Minnow

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tying Up A Storm

For those of you that have been by the shop lately, you'll notice that someone is constantly on the vise whipping up flies for special order or filling the retail bins. We no longer support third-world fly manufacturers and our shop will be stocked with 100% locally tied patterns. We still have some Sri Lankan ties to weed through, but you'll notice locally-produced flies are now the main feature of our retail store as are the materials we use to tie. 
Holographic Caddis
The goal is not to just sell our flies, but encourage our customers to tie their own as well. To date, we've turned many folks onto fly tying and some have even gone on to start their own fly companies! 
Although there are still some great step-by-step instructional videos out there like the ones put out by the guys at Fly Fish Food, we've created a fly tying video series that brings the viewer through the pattern in a faster format that still gets to the point and doesn't bore you to death...well hopefully.
Each Tuesday we'll be releasing a new video in the series and posting them HERE on our site and on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Vimeo and keep track of our video production. Feel free to send us any feedback about what you like, dislike or would like to see in a future video.
Interested in a new tying vise?...come on in a demo a Peak Vise made right here in the USA! To date, every person that has sat down at this vise has ended up purchasing one!
Yesterday was such a nice change from the cold, rawness we've been having lately! Today is supposed to be even warmer, so get out there whenever you can and wave the dust off that fly rod! Slow reports of fish catching thus far, but things will be picking up soon. Both the Lamoille and Winooski are around 2000 cfs and should hover around that mark the next day or 2 as we have warm days to increase snow melt/flows and cold nights which will slow the process a little. Depending on where you are, there could still be piles of snow or no snow at all. Check out the USGS Gauge before making a solid plan!

REMEMBER, we are adding new flies and materials daily to our online store where we ship within Vermont for only a buck and orders over $25 ship FREE!!

Lamoille River - 4/12/15
While I was writing this post, I got a message that today is Jim Bernstein's birthday. Jim runs Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop over in Maine and is the creator of a killer wounded baitfish pattern called the Guitar Minnow. My version is a bit different but nonetheless a great birthday tribute to one of the great talents in the industry. Be sure to stop in Eldredge Bros. next time you find yourself on the right coast!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Back At It!

Lamoille River (Hyde Park, VT) - 4/5/15
I can't believe it's already the eve of the 2015 trout season here in Vermont! We've been back at the shop since April 1st working like mad to get this place in order for the season, and we're getting there slowly but surely!
We're working on some important changes here at the shop that I think will be well received by our local fly fishing community and beyond...
CT Sculpin
After 10 years in the business, we've learned quite a bit about what items sell well vs. those that don't. We've moved away from stocking an array of high-end rods, reels, waders, boots, etc. Our focus is on locally-tied flies, a killer selection of tying materials and terminal tackle. We'll still have other assorted odds, ends and accessories, but no more high-end gear that takes up valuable retail space. In addition to our small crew of tyers here at GMT, we've also enlisted the help of some other talented local tyers to ensure we have quality selection of fly patterns tied right here in Vermont! 
We're also in the process of logging all our patterns to our web store where shipping within Vermont is only $1 and FREE for orders that exceed $25! 
Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp continues grow with 2015 sessions filling up in record time! We're still adding names to our wait list, so drop us a line HERE for info.
Opening weekend of trout season in Vermont doesn't always offer great weather, but there are some great events going on that should be on your list...
The Fly Fishing Film Tour makes a stop in Middlebury tonight followed by the 7th Annual Otter Creek Classic on 4/11 & 4/12. Contact Jesse at Middlebury Mountaineer for more info. These are 2 great events for a great cause!
Registration for the 2015 Ditch Pickle Classic presented by Green Mountain Troutfitters and Vermont Fly Guys is open and we're on track for an even bigger turnout than last year! Check out the details at www.DPCVT.com and
register your teams asap HERE!
As is typically the case for opening day and, given the fact that it's raining cats and dogs out right now, best bets in my opinion are going to be steelheading. Whereas the heavy flows will tend to shut down resident trout, steelhead rely on these big pushes of water that allow them to push towards their spawning grounds with ease and as stealthy as possible. These fish work hard to get where they want to go, so do them a favor and keep them in the water as much as possible and give them the respect they deserve. Please don't take pictures of fish laid on rocks or gravel, but if you manage to rap off some good shots, send'em over!
Good luck out there!

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 DPC Registration is Open!!

It's time to get those teams registered for the 2015 Ditch Pickle Classic, presented by Green Mountain Troutfitters and Vermont Fly Guys!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wood Stove Season is Here!

GMT Bud-Hole Surfer
We've had some substantial rain over the last couple of days that has every piece of moving water rocking and rolling. Combine that with much cooler air temps and the fishing starts to slow down drastically. We have groups out on the water the next few days and it's gonna be raw out there! We've been tying some new streamer prototypes that have been well received by the local fishes. The GMT Bud-Hole Surfer ended up in a beautiful brown trout's mouth less than 30 minutes after it came off the vise this week! Just yesterday, one of our GMT Conehead Zonkers fooled a 26+" brown trout on a local tributary! We're still adding new flies to the site consistently, so check it out HERE and get your orders in for the holidays and/or that destination fishing trip! We can tie for any occasion! 
We're also going to be adding a new tying video every 
Tuesday, so keep an eye on our Vimeo Page and our Fly Tying Videos page to keep up with the new releases coming down the pipe.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

80 in October!

The past couple of days here up north have been absolutely beautiful! The foliage seems to just keep offering up amazing scenery. Typically our rivers and streams recede more slowly after rains this time of year but, after a good soaking last week, we are right back down to pretty darn low flows. This spike in air temps has all sorts of insect activity booming. I got home to an invasion of lady bugs yesterday which seemed to be crawling out of every nook and cranny! We're still picking away at the trout, and this spike in warm weather is just what trout anglers want this time of year as it gets the fishy mojo moving again. Typically our main stem river trout are moving into their slower, deeper wintering spots right about now, but 75-80 degrees when the norm is 55 will get those fish moving so take advantage and get out there! Princes, PT nymphs, copper johns and buggers have all been working. Not a bad time to be throwing some meat too. We have a fresh batch of GMT Fat Head Sculpins in the bins here, so swing by and grab a couple or we'll ship'em to you for just a buck!
Tomorrow we have a system coming into the region that could deliver up to a couple inches of rain and even more in certain locations, so we could see blown out rivers over the next several days to come. 
We're releasing a new tying video each Tuesday featuring patterns that we tie right here at the shop, so stay tuned to the blog and make sure to be following us on Facebook and Instagram.