Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cool Down Coming

A recent GMT client fishing a Lamoille tributary
We've had a few scorcher days here in the north country, but that's about to come to an end starting tonight as lows in the 50's lead into highs in the low 70's tomorrow and Friday. Our next shot of rain comes in with a warm front this weekend, and boy do we need some water in the system as things are pretty stale around here. The bigger rivers are certainly pushing up and over 70 degrees, so give'em a break until it cools down again. 
The warm temps this week brought out a sporadic emergence of flying ants which can cause our local trout to act drunk and disorderly. You should definitely have some flying ant patterns in your box and we have some here at the shop fresh off the vice!
On recent outings, we've seen some trico hatches in select areas and we've had success throwing ant patterns, green-bodied copper johns and buggers primarily. Hoppers are also a good option in this hot, bright weather. 
We've listed our dates for the 2015 Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp sessions, so please click to see which session(s) work out for your child next season! 
Also please note that the 2015 Ditch Pickle Classic will be on 6/27 - 6/28, so reserve your spot by sending us your team names to 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Perfect Fishing Weather!

The dog days of summer are coming to an end.  Shorter days and cooler nights are making it feel like fall on the water. We apologize for the lack of reports but after weeks of camps, tying, and guiding I finally have a minute to write about current conditions.  In short, things are just about perfect right now.  Terrestrials along with stoneflies have been mostly what I have been tying on for clients.  The only exception is in the morning when you might see Bwo’ or Trico’s.  We have had some mornings like that and the fish sure do key in on the small stuff when little bugs are hatching.  Otherwise, large gaudy hoppers and stimulators should pay off on the surface.  Flying ants are on and this hatch is not to be missed.   Generally, they will gather over most waterways but those waters near the urban areas tend to see the most of these insects.   Stop in the shop if you need any local hand tied ants  fresh off the vise.  On another note, we did squeak in an overnight trip to the upper CT river and it was nice to wear waders in cold water and fish over  tons of well  conditioned  fish.  We caught all 3 species of trout in our first 15 minutes there.  Truly an incredibly diverse fishery where one minute it can seem all too easy and the next minute your digging through your box scratching your head.   Well, around here, terrestrials, stoneflies, caddis, isonychia, Bwo’s, Trico’s and  white flies, should be on the menu for the next month or so. Flying ants, drowned ants, hoppers, stimi’s, para adams#10-18, Tricos, Zug bugs & Princes #10-14, Bwo’s #18-20, elk hare caddis #14-18, are all good patterns to have on hand through Sept.  Get out and enjoy what can be some of the best fishing of the year.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brookies & Bass to Beat the Summer Heat!

With a 5 day sleep-away camp every 10 days over the past couple months, this summer is absolutely flying by!  We leave Saturday for the 3rd and final 2014 session of GMFFC!  The first 2 sessions were a blast and we're really looking forward to ending the 2014 camp season on a great note!...Well, fly fishing camp that is.  After we get back from this session, I'll be kicking off the inaugural session of Cady's Falls Mountain Bike Camp from 8/4 - 8/8, so no rest for the weary this summer!
Things around here have been pretty consistent weather-wise, which has been great for the warm water bite.  Bass really like prolonged periods of consistent weather.  This super hot spell should amount to some t-storms tomorrow and tomorrow night which could amount to up to 3/4" of rain or more.  This is good as we really need the rain to freshen things up!
Best bets are for bass, pike, panfish or any other warm water fish of your desire.  This heat wave puts the red light on the bigger rivers and even some of our smaller streams that just can't maintain cool enough temps when flows are as low as they are now.  Best bet is to just stay off trout water until things cool down or find some mountain stream brookies.
Good luck out there!

Friday, July 11, 2014

GMFFC Session 2 Starts Tomorrow!

Fishing Noyes Pond at GMFFC
We're off to our second Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp session of the summer at Seyon Lodge.  The shop will be closed until we return on Thursday, 7/17 but we still have fly and conventional guides available!
If you are looking for a fly fishing outing, please call Steve at (802)999-4807 or Lawton at (802)338-0649 to make arrangements.
For big bass on conventional tackle, please call Matt at (802)598-5523.
We have a front that could potentially camp out over our region early next week, bringing some wet weather with it.  Later in the day Sunday into Monday looks to be the wettest possible stretch, so keep an eye on USGS gauges before heading out!  Everything looks great right now, but the big water could warm up throughout the day so keep the thermometer handy!
Keep the fly box loaded with PT nymphs in 12-20, Prince nymphs in 12-16, ants in 12-18, stimulators in 8-12, caddis dries and nymphs in 12-16 and buggers of all shapes and sizes!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First on the Fly!

Here's my 8 year old son, Noah with his first ever fly-caught fish...a sunfish!  So proud of you buddy!  Sure beats video games!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beat the Heat with Bass

Our buddy Noah showing proper grip'n'grin tactics ;-)
We are in coming off a very hot weather pattern which had our rivers very warm.  This had the big rivers hitting the upper 70’s and the mid-sized creeks also hovering in the upper 60’s low 70’s.  Brook trout and bass have been the focus and the fishing has been decent.  Brook trout fly selection need not be complicated with just about any dry producing.  While bushy dry flies work great try to avoid flies that have a ton of hackle by the hook point or cut it back with your nippers.  Those lil brookies have a hard time getting their mouths around all that fuzz.  Otherwise, bass have been active and responding to top water patterns in low light conditions and crayfish and clousers when the sun is up.  Tyipical mid- summer  stuff.  Speaking of which, terrestrials should be more and more important by the day as most of our solid mayfly hatches are behind us and will slow down through july and august.  The exception being, Hex’s are present on select inland ponds and lake champlain and paraleps will come off mid- month in some rivers.  Light/cream cahills and golden drakes are another mayfly that will appear from time to time but for the most part stimulators and terrestrials will be on the end of my leader.  On cool mornings there is always a chance of some bwo’s  but all these hatches tend to be here and there.  More reliable mayfly hatches will return in late August with white flies and Iso’s  on the menu.  Mid-summer also see’s small caddis in the a.m. so have some # 16-18 elk hair and x-caddis.  Otherwise, #12 princes, #14 pt nymphs, buggers in white,olive,brn, & black are all staples through the end of the season.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Session 1 Done!

GMFFC Session 1 in the books!
We have been crazy busy lately and I want to apologize for our recently inconsistent store hours here at Troutfitters HQ.  We have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks running in an effort to keep up with our endeavors.  If you are looking for some fill-in hours, have good fly fishing /local knowledge and are responsible(that's the clincher) we may need your help, so give a buzz.  Our first sesssion of Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp was a huge success and we will likely see most of those kids back next year.  Our next session kicks off on 7/12 and we are super excited to be welcoming back 8 return campers out of the 12 attending the session!
We returned from the woods on Thursday and packed up to head out to Lake Champlain for the 5th Annual Ditch Pickle Classic on Friday morning!  The tournament was great and you can head over to the DPC site for a recap and results.
It's currently Africa-hot outside which means that trout fishing is not the best option until things cool down.  We have plenty of small streams that stay much cooler than the main stem rivers, as well as warmwater fishing to keep you occupied.