Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Tying Video - Carp Candy

 I've seen a fly called, "Carp Candy" in many different variations. Many resemble the very popular bonefish fly, the "Gotcha" and some are tied heavier and called "Super Gotcha" or "Bonefish Scampi.) This is my version of the "Carp Candy" tied with rabbit strip and and heavy lead eyes. I've fished this pattern for years but never have thrown this fly at a carp. However, it was the hot fly for me at this year's Ditch Pickle Classic (www.DPCVT.com). It's a super easy tie with a jiggy motion that the smallies seem to love!

Tied by Chris Lynch

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Tying Video - Stanley's Hopper

Hopper season is just around the corner as is Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp. Which means its time to start stocking up on high floating hoppers that the brookies will not be able to resist.

Tied by Steve Stanley

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Big Show This Weekend

The store will be closed Saturday and Sunday since we will be on Lake Champlain hosting the Ditch Pickle Classic.
Almost 140 anglers this year all hoping for a crack at the trophy and close to $14,000 in prizes!
We will be open at 9am on Monday 6/29

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wet Weather Continues

Our bass pro Matt has been smokin'em with the conventional gear! Book a trip with Matt and see for yourself!
The wet weather has really been hanging around with bits and pieces of sun here and there. Yesterday's heavy rains in the morning dirtied up even our smaller streams and the Lamoille is still a dirty, 1200cfs as I write this. We've had to move some river trips to the stillwater, but we've still been fishing! I was on Waterbury Sat and Sunday this past weekend and the rains have really flooded out that place! The water level is several feet above normal and there is debris all over the place. Definitely tough conditions for the fly-rodder, but we managed some fish here and there. I see more and more people that should not be at the helm of a motor boat every time I go out. I'm starting think we should offer boat ramp viewing trips where we sit 25 yards offshore and observe the comedy at the ramp....priceless stuff!
Remember that we also offer conventional bass fishing trips with our bass pro, Matt. If throwing flies isn't your thing, we'll set you up with Matt for an unforgettable day of bassin'! Drop us a line HERE and we'll set it up! 

This week's tying video features a guest appearance from 16 year old Noah Gates of Franklin, VT. This kid can tie and we have a selection of his patterns here at the shop for sale, so swing by and get ya some! This particular "Noah's Big Belly Streamer" has been a hot seller and the toothy fish seem to find it very appetizing!

Friday, June 12, 2015

High Water

This smallie wasn't too camera shy on a recent bass outing
We've gotten plenty of rain this week and another rainy system is moving in as I write this post. The heavy rains from the other day sent most rivers and streams through the roof! The Lamoille was right up to it's banks in many downstream locations and it wouldn't have taken too much more water to create some serious flooding situations. The smaller streams, especially those with steeper drainage have cleared nicely but are still running seasonally high. We received plenty of calls this week inquiring about conditions on the rivers. Make sure to check USGS Gauges before heading out!  
Fly tying with Gina Bullard from WCAX
This past week we had a visit from Gina Bullard from WCAX News. Gina did a segment on our business which was featured on WCAX's "Made in Vermont" series. We taught Gina to tie her own fly and she even got to test it out afterwards! No fish for Gina, but Mike did get to demonstrate a hookup on a small rainbow.
Click on this LINK to watch the segment.
We've been tying 'round the clock to keep up with demand! Get in here and check out some quality local ties!

Friday, June 5, 2015


Wild Lamoille Rainbow
After a dry start to the season, we finally have a decent bit of water in the system and some cooler temps which are good for both angler and fish. Typically around the end of May / beginning of June, one of our larger mayflies of the season, the Brown Drake, hatches primarily along siltier sections of the Lamoille and tribs. This is really one of the first hatches of the season that tends to get every fish in the river looking up for a chance at a big, meaty, mayfly meal. If you get lucky enough to experience a Brown Drake spinner fall, you might not soon forget it since you're likely in for a fishy evening.
Between tying, teaching and guiding it's been a very busy season for us thus far! Thanks a ton to all of you that have shown your support...we can't do it without you... It's great to have such loyal customers!
Proto-Poppers now available in Firetiger
This week we had a visit from Gina Bullard of WCAX News. GMT will be featured in an upcoming segment of "Made in Vermont," focusing on our local fly production. Don't miss it!...scheduled to air Monday 6/8 at 6pm!
The bass fishing has been great lately and we've got a great selection of patterns in stock for bass and pike, so be sure to stock up before your next outing! 
In the day and age of social media, our website posts often take a back seat. Be sure to follow us in social media land on Vimeo, where we produce and release a new fly tying video each Tuesday, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, where we try to post fresh content daily! 

Here's this week's tying video....Stanley's Mini-Hopper...