Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Size Matters:

When you buy your license at a fly shop they get a dollar out of the deal.  It is not much but it adds up over the season.  Now that it is 2012, many people will be buying their new fishing licenses.  Now, I strongly suggest that you go to your local/favorite fly shop to make that purchase.  In the event that you MUST buy your license online because your favorite shop is closed for winter(wink,wink), might I make a suggestion.  Do what I do and shrink it down.  For many years I bought a paper license and folded it in my wallet.   I think I can say that all the years of sitting on that oversized document has not helped my back problems a bit.  Now, when I print my license online I shrink it until I can just barley see the letters/numbers.  I print it, I throw some packaging tape on both sides to laminate it and bam, Im legal.  I think.  I have looked through a buch of red tape on F&W site to see if this is allowed and I can't find anything saying it is not.  My license number is clearly legible, my license is signed, so that puts me in compliance, Right?  Maybe some of you out there might prove me wrong, in which case, I have no problem going old school but until then, I am going to give my back a rest and stick with my paper thin I.D.  What do you think? - Mike

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