Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Kalik In Your Diet

Last year around this time I was tying bonefish flies in preperation for a long awaited trip to The Bahamas.  My wife and I left the kids with my in-laws (this was meant to me an quick, affordable getaway) and spent a few days in one of the most insanely beautiful places I have ever been...Eleuthera.  We rented a Suzuki Sidekick with bologna skins that barely started every day and explored many side "roads" on the island, most of which ended at land and seascapes that absolutely blew our minds.  I explored some of the flats on my own and had some great success catching bonefish up to a few pounds on "Veverka Shrimp."  Of course, every time I'd leave the camera running the fish would be scarce.
We stayed with some real nice people at The Barefoot Beach House that were extremely accommodating!  Please check them out and pay them a visit if you ever get the chance!  - Chris

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