Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good'ole Lamoille

Wild Lamoille River Brown (April 20th, 2012)
Mike and I got the rare opportunity to trout fish together last night close to home on the Lamoille and it was a great evening to be out!  There was a slight breeze and not much to speak of for insect activity.  The water is so low right now that we really could use this rain that is forecast to come thru this week.  I was swinging big streamers on my switch-rod and Mike was throwing the single-hander, pretty much doing the same thing.  I had just tucked my empty PBR 24-ouncer into my stretchy wading belt when I heard Mike yell for a net from around the bend.  I sprinted around the corner and we slipped Mike's second wild Lamoille brown of the day into the net, took a couple pics and watched it swim away.  We had about 2-3 other fish come up and aggressively grab stuff off the surface, but no other takers for the night.  Great to be out <"((((>< Chris

Mike's first Lamoille Trout of the 2012 season

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