Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GreenUp Weekend

The rains are back after a beautiful weekend.  We had a successful Lamoille GreenUp on Saturday followed by an evening of bluegrass and tortillas in Johnson.  We had the raft piled high with trash and if Mike had one more tire, his canoe would have sank!  We pulled a ton of plastic out of the branches and bushes which, to me, was the most rewarding part.  The day was really windy and, although we had rids with us, we didn't fish hardly at all since there was so much trash to pick up.  We did float by one rising fish so we ditched the canoe and Mike jumped in the front of the raft (after moving around some tires and other trash) and we floated into position.  A few drift with an emerger yielded nothing, but a skated elk hair caddis was all it took get that rainbow interested!  
After this round of rains clears up, we should be right back to stellar afternoon fishing conditions.  Give us a shout and let's go fishing! - Chris

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