Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Warmer Weather's on it's Way!

My son's first fly-caught trout!
Yesterday, Mike and I had a group out in some pretty raw conditions to say the least.  The day started out with some steady rain showers, air temps in the low to mid 40's and water temps of about 48-49 degrees in the stretch of the Winooski we fished.  Although we had some seriously slow fishing, our guests still had a great time and learned a ton about fishing with the fly.  It's hard to expect much of a response from a trout when water temps are so frigid.  This week's forecasted warm up is more than welcome in my book!
The other day I took my kids to our local trout pond and found plenty of fish boiling on the surface.  My 6 year old son had a couple break-offs with the fly rod, before sealing the deal on a nice rainbow.  This time, I held the fly line for him so the fish could run when he wanted, he held the rod and my 4 year old was the go-to net man.  Now they're both hooked!
Don't forget about our Lamoille River Clean-Up this coming Saturday, May 5th!  We're gonna float from Cady's Falls to Waterman Brook in Johnson and clean that sucker up!  We could use some volunteers, so give us a shout if you wanna join us!  We'll be having a BBQ afterwards at my place in Hyde Park - Chris

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