Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Easy Peezy

Today ,I did an a.m. trip with a nice fellow from P.A. on the Lamoille.  He had fly fished a couple times but, not in 15 years.  He got back in the saddle pretty quick and with these water temps the fish were very active and willing.  We caught a stupid amount of stockies but,  I would guestimate aound 2 dozen or so to net,  with another couple dozen lost. Every single fish was a stocked rainbow from 8-12 in.  Honestly, who really keeps track when the numbers get like that.  It just all blends together and does not seem to matter much.  ( It is borderline worrysome to see such a lack of wild bows in the Lamoille where there should be at least a couple in the mix).  Almost all the fish came on #14 prince nymphs and a couple on #10 thin mint buggers that we swung into a deeper pool.  We had about 5-6 hits on stimulators but did not land any of those.   We fished one spot for 3 hrs. and did not see anyone else.  We picked up for a change of scenery and we landed some more downstream where  there were also fish rising but we never made it over to them.  The only naturals we saw on the water were small #16-18 caddis with some yellow sallies mixed in and that's about it.  Excpect to see small sulpher spinners in the pm and I would assume cahills should be out and about soon but I have not seen any myself.  When we left the water today aound noon thirty the water was 60 degrees.  No, that's not a typo.  60 degrees at noon on the Lamoille in June.  Gotta love it.    In the afternoon around 4:00 p.m. I ran outback with J.R. and fished over a spot I know is loaded with stockies.  Under bright sun we threw  prince nymphs for 15 min. and could not buy a fish.  15 min. is the window you get with a 7 year old so J.R. hit the margins and caught come nice crawfish with dads net. 
Plenty of water out there for everybody so hit it this week before we go back to summer mode.

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