Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Powered Up!

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the new (to me) Honda is finally mounted on the Sea Nymph!  I just need to make the electrical and fuel connections and I'll be up on step in no time!
In our area, yesterday afternoon/evening rains never materialized into heavy downpours, which means that our rivers are still very low.  The Lamoille should stay below 70 today since high air temps for the day won't be much higher than than 70 and the sun isn't beating down on us as it has been lately.  Points south of Waterbury got a bit more in regards to precip and the Winooski and it's tribs have all gotten a welcome boost in flows as a result.  High pressure will set in for the week, leaving us with sunny days in the upper 70's/lower 80's.  Night temps won't be much below 50, so big river fishing will likely be an early morning affair this week.  Keep your stream thermometer handy just to be sure you're not trout fishing in water that's too warm (over 69.)
Hatches have been a bit sporadic lately, but we've been having success on the usual suspects: princes, pt nymphs, stimulators and, as always, caddis, caddis and caddis! 
We've already got 15 teams signed up for the 2012 Ditch Pickle Classic!!  Don't miss your chance to take part in Vermont's exclusive catch, photo, release bass tournament on Lake Champlain!

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