Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vermont's Small, Wild Wonders

With all this recent heat and lack of rain, the bigger rivers are low and warm, and it looks like that won't change much this week.  In fact, with upcoming air temps in the 80's/90's during the day and 60's at night, the larger drainages will climb over 70 and stay there until cooler weather / precip comes along.  Please avoid trout fishing the big rivers until things cool down and also take note that the Ten Bends access of the Lamoille is now closed as a thermal refuge until river temps drop below 70. 
I fished a small stream this morning with a great guy named Adam who loves fly fishing but has been struggling a bit in the catching department.  We had a great time and Adam did very well in such low, clear and spooky conditions.  A size 14 royal stimulator did the job and we didn't have to change flies all morning!  In such spooky conditions, approach and setting up the casting angle are of utmost importance.  Otherwise, you'll send any fish within range scattering for cover, leaving you with an empty pool.

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