Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independance day Storms

Sometimes you catch more trees than fish

Wow were those some strong storms that passed thru the area yesterday! Some areas received 1-2" of rain in just a half hour! The wind blew like a mother, knocking down trees and power lines, leaving plenty of people in Chittenden County without power. In Hyde Park it poured for 10-15 minutes and that was it, but we could hear boomers all around us. As a result, the Lamoille has completely flipped it's lid and is now levelling off at 1500cfs with lots of mud mixed in. That river has really needed a good flushing, and it's getting it now! Depending on where you go, the rivers are either rockin' or were completely missed by any major precipitation. The Winooski will be back online before the Lamoille as it was missed by the heavy downpours.
The small stream trout fishing has been pretty darn good lately and Mike and his guest had a great day out yesterday on a Lamoille trib, bringing handfuls of wild browns and rainbows to hand.  The water temp was 64 degrees and there was not much in the way of hatching bugs.  Just some very small mayflies here and there.  The fish were really not looking up and while they got 1 or 2 on ants, the bead head prince#14 took most of the fish.  The upcoming forecast of cooler nights in the 50's will equate to much happier trout in our river systems.
25 teams now registered for the 2012 Ditch Pickle Classic. Check out this great article which was featured in the Dailly Gazette of Schenectady, NY!

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