Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rain = good fishing

GMT client with his 1st fly caught trout!
The rains we had earlier this week have soaked up very quick and as a result the rivers have dropped quickly.  It felt like we went from high water, straight to low.   On Thursday, we were fishing heavy water and today we were throwing a 11ft. leader on some glassy water.  Anyway, we have been on the water the past 3 days fishing tributaries for trout and it has been good for late July.  Water temps where we fished ranged from 60 in the a.m. to high 60's in the p.m.  Bead head stone fly nymphs have been working for us, mostly princes #12.  The top water bite has kinda been slow for me but maybe the relative high water kept the trout down.  The rain seems to have knocked most stone fly shucks off the rocks but, they are still  around and working.  I have seen very few hatching bugs.  The only naturals I have seen with regularity is small # 18 yellow stones.  Despite the hatching bugs we have caught a bunch of nice fish this week.  As a matter of fact, all the fish, big and small, were healthy and fat. On another note, the bass fishing remains great.  We have had some customers come in with big smiles and great stories about 35+ fish days and smallies up to 18 inches.   We have seasonal weather for the next couple of days and the next real chance of rain will come on Wed.  In the meantime, there are plenty of fishing options out there.  Stick with terrestrials and stone fly patterns.  They have been working for me!  Have fun out there.  

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