Thursday, April 4, 2013


Troll Pro from mike kontos on Vimeo.

We're just getting back to work for the season here at the Troutfitters and reports of 60 degree weather next week has us stoked for a new fishing season here in Vermont.  Winter is really trying to hang on, so get it outta here and bring on the sun, bugs and hungry fish!  It's crazy to think that we may break the 60 degree mark just a couple weeks after my kids had their last snow day, but even crazier when I remember the 60+ degree weather and great fishing we had on Lake Champlain last March!
We're back to the shop full time, but we'll be digging out the next week or so in preparation for the season so swing by if you're in the area!
Following our Fall steelhead trips to WNY, we really did no fishing until last month when Mike and I were invited down to Costa Rica to fish in a 3-day billfish tournament a midst one of the most prolific offshore fisheries for billfish in the world.
Mike comes from a family of offshore anglers, so he's cut his teeth in the bluewater game and his experience really paid off when it came down to it.  I was invited as the 4th angler and, being a complete rookie to the offshore game, I expected to be nothing more than a go-fer.  In the end, we all had shots.  Some of which amounted to big points and some which amounted to extreme frustration.  The highest point of the trip was when Mike landed a large Blue Marlin after a lengthy battle to bring us up to 2nd place out of 40 boats.  What a roller coaster ride we had, sitting in 2nd..3rd...5th...and ending up in 16th overall after a real tough day 3.  For all the fish that showed themselves and presented opportunity, there were likely just as many that went un-noticed like this sailfish in the above video...sneaky lil' bastard!

Next week is the annual Otter Creek Classic Fly Fishing Tournament and Fly Fishing Film Tour hosted by the Middlebury Mountaineer.  Give Jesse Haller a call at the Mountaineer and get your tickets!

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