Tuesday, June 11, 2013

And Yet Again...More Rain

Best Fishin' Buddy Ever!
Sorry it's been a few days between posts.  This is the first time I've turned on the laptop since Friday, so I'm playing catch-up today. 
Once the rain started falling last night, it really didn't let up all night, and things are really stuffed with brown water today.  That will be the case likely over the next several days since we have another quarter - half inch forecasted for tonight and a tenth to a quarter inch every other night this week.  The Lamoille is currently blown as are the major tribs and even most of the tiny stuff too!
Friday night, Mike and I floated a piece of water on the Lamoille and had a great time.  Not a lot of fish, but enough action to keep things interesting.  Once the season gets rolling, Mike and I don't get to fish a ton together, so it's always nice getting out when we can.  
Bruce & Paul - These guys were great company!

Saturday, I woke to seemingly stabilized flows on the Lamoille and set out on a float with 2 great anglers in 800cfs.  The river looked great that morning and I really thought the stars had aligned for these 2 guys.  Whew...not the case!  By the first hour, the river had gone up over 1200cfs and the fishing was absolutely piss-poor as a result.  Rapidly rising flows are never a good thing in my book.  We ended up absolutely pounding the water with big ugly streamers only to come up with a small'ish wild rainbow and a few exciting follows from some creamy looking fish ;-)  Really 2 of the coolest guys I've fished with and Iook forward to getting them out again this Fall (which may be the next time we have fishable flows at this rate.) 
On Sunday we had a float trip re-schedule and I had my youngest son at a birthday party.  I took the opportunity to get my older son out for a little lake fishing and we had a blast!  At 7 years old, that kid can really drop a 6" sluggo on a dime!  Times like that will stay with us forever.
Yesterday Mike had a great father/son duo out and the trib they fished didn't fish very well.  These heavier flows have really been shutting the fish down lately.  Luckily they were able to move around and find a couple fish.
This little rainbow was one aggressive fish!

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