Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Champ Sighting

The "Champ" was recently sighted warming up for the DPC in an undisclosed location
Happy guest of Bass Fishing Vermont!
Finally just sitting down to the computer after a great Father's Day weekend!  Hopefully everyone's getting out and enjoying the great conditions we have had.  The above pic of The Champ was sent in over the weekend.  It appears that even The Champ needs a little DPC prep-work ;-)
The Lamoille is really looking as good as I can remember seeing it this late in the season and it looks like that's not going to change much in the near future.  The Lamoille is about 10-15 degrees cooler than we are used to this time of year and the trouts are certainly happy about that!  Although running higher than it's average, the Lamoille has great clarity and fishes like a totally different river at these flows.
The tribs are maintaining much more seasonable flows, yet still on the high side.  There's really no reason not to take advantage of the big river fishing we have right now since the trout fishing conditions are almost never this good in mid-June!
In many spots, bass are now post-spawn and very hungry!  Matt A. had some guests out over the weekend and found most fish between 2-8' of water with temps around 64 degrees.  No matter the conditions, Matt always puts fish in the boat and this weekend was no exception!  If you want to fine tune your bassin' game with the spinning rod, drop us a line and book a trip with our bass pro, Matt Applebaum!

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