Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reporting Live from the Amazon

Clearing the dash after a great weekend at the Ditch Pickle Classic!
Sorry for the delay in reports folks, but we were out of town for a couple days on sunny (at times) Lake Champlain co-hosting the 2013 Ditch Pickle Classic with Brendan Hare and Brian Price.  We had an amazing Pickle this year!  Keep an eye on the DPC blog at for an full tournament report to be posted shortly.
Lots of blues and blacks this season
The story on the local fishing scene remains to be the constant soaking rains we are getting seemingly everyday.  The mainsten rivers are fully brown and chocolatey while some of the smaller tribs have some clariyt and are currently fishable.  We got absolutely hammered with passing downpours last night in Hyde Park, but things in Jeffersonville don't look too wet and the Brewster looks better than it did yesterday.  Things are going to be hot over the next few days and there's about a 50/50 chance of t-storms popping up at anytime, dropping anywhere from a trace to a 1/2" of rain.
After pulling the boat out of Lake Champlain Saturday night, we drove through major swarms of Hex's!  Keep some big mayfly patterns in your box in case you run across any of these giant fish snacks.
Best bets over the next few days are lake/pond/reservoir bassin' or really tiny trout stream fishing.

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