Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Leaf Hatch

Glassy Fall Conditions on the Lamoille
Zach-Attack Strikes Again!
We've really been dealt some incredible late-season conditions here in the upper end of the state.  Aside from some howling winds which tend to make life difficult for the fly angler, we've had relatively mild weather and low flows that have kept things consistant.  This is the time of year when higher flows and added wind can make it difficult at best to reach those fish that are rising selectively in the deeper, slower water.  At times you'll see fish cruising and eating with seemingly reckless abandon, while at other times they can be very picky.  Mid-day thru sunset is still where it's at, so no need to jump out of bed at o-dark-thirty to get on the water.
We had some beautiful scenery as usual this foliage season and I only wish Fall lasted a couple more months, but as the last leaves fall I can't help but to get soooo stoked for the upcoming steelhead season!  I haven't yet blocked any weeks yet for guided winter steelhead trips, but drop us a line at if you're interested in setting up a steelhead adventure this winter!

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