Saturday, April 19, 2014

Go Steelheading

Not too much to report here as we are still looking at high, cold runoff pretty much everywhere you look.  The smaller tributaries have some bit of clarity but should be left alone so our Lamoille rainbows can get their spawning groove on uninterrupted.  The larger rivers still need some time and, thanks to a recent snowfall of half a foot in many locations around here, runoff season has been extended a bit longer.
Blood dots and sucker spawn...both killer steelhead flies!
In my opinion, the best bet for early season fishing is steelhead.  We have a few streams here in the northern tier that don't see huge runs of steelhead, but see enough to keep things interesting.  Steelhead also look for higher flows to make their move out of the lake, so throw some shot on and you're good to go!  We've done quite a bit of steelheading and can set you straight on rigging, flies and presentation so swing in.  We have also been stocking up on supplies that are perfect steelheading, like Maxima tippet material and a great selection of our custom-tied steelhead patterns.  We're also expanding our fly tying selection if you'd rather tie your own!  Mike got out after steelhead yesterday and hooked one on a cheese sucker spawn (pictured above) in high, stained flows.  They're in there, so put the time in and you'll be rewarded!
We'll be tying a large portion of our flies in-house from here on out, as well as offering selections from other local tyers like Vermont Fly Guys, so get in here and buy local ties!
We have a handful of spots left for Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp at Seyon Lodge.  We've added another session this season, which brings us up to 3 sessions in 2014 open to a total of 36 kids.  We have an excellent rate of return campers because this camp is such a unique experience and the kids absolutely love it!  We've also added a few sessions of day camp for the summer months which will be based out of our shop here in Jeffersonville.  The camp follows a similar format of our sleepaway camp, but instead campers spend 6 hours a day with us for 5 days for a complete immersion in fly fishing!  Find out more HERE!
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