Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things Are Turning On

Wild Brown (Lamoille Tributary)
Cold Hard Lake Champlain Steel (Kevin Ramirez Photo)
Her First Trout!! (Kevin Ramirez Photo)
It is that time of year when there are so many good fishing options that it is hard to pick which species to target.  Just about daily we have seen impressive fish caught.  Water temps are in the 50’s and the week ahead looks like good (a little wet) weather until Friday when some substantial rains might hit us.  Flows are just about at their seasonal averages right now.  Here in Lamoille county we have not seen any Hendrickson mayflies yet but expect them any day now. I have also seen caddis come off at the same time so have a couple elk hairs handy as well.  Try to be on the water from 1-5 to capitalize on this hatch.  It is usually short lived but brings some nice fish up to the surface.  
Parachute adams, and comparaduns have always done well for me.  Soft hackle pt nymphs and flashback pt nymphs in #12-14 are also good to use when fish aren't rising.  So far the only bugs I have seen with regularity are blue quills and stoneflies. The steelhead systems are full of fish, most of which have made their way upstream to spawn.  We have also seen a couple bass have worked their way into rivers systems as well.  So whether it's pike, bass, trout, salmon or suckers right now, there is something out there for everyone right now.  Don’t get me wrong it is still early and most rivers have not been stocked so you still need to move around and put in some hours but that is the fun of it.
We now have only a few spaces left for our first 2014 session of Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp on 6/22-26. We generally have a late push of signups, so don't wait any longer or your child may miss out! Only 3 spaces left for that session!!
Now that school is winding down, it's time to get your kids signed up for day camp! Our Fly Fishing Day Camp is the first place you should look as we offer a quality program based out of our store in Jeffersonville. We offer the only experience of this kind in our area for a great price! Discounts offered if you sign up more than 1 child or for multiple sessions.
We still have over a month until the big weekend of the 2014 Ditch Pickle Classic and already close to 70 anglers are registered!  REMEMBER, if you do not register (AND PAY) by 5/25, you may very well miss out on getting a custom DPC Tunaskin Performance Long Sleeve shirt ---------------------->
This is included in your $40 entry, so it's a no-brainer to get signed up and paid up ASAP!!
If you're not following GMT on the social webs, now's a good time to get with it! Here's the links to help you stay connected with us...
Good luck out there!
Zach (Repeat GMFFC Camper) with the Smallie-Smack-Down! (Kevin Favreau Photo)
Doing our thing on GreenUp Day 2014

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