Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ooooh Barracuda!

Every time someone new comes in to the shop, they comment on the barracuda we have hanging in the tying room. Not the fish you'd expect to have hanging in a shop in trout country, but this fish has history...
My dad caught this fish in the Florida keys back in, I believe, the 80's. It was falling apart in his basement so I decided to hang it here at the shop where it sat in that same condition for a couple of years. Last year, our buddy Bill grabbed it off the wall and took it to a friend who does taxidermy. It came back looking as great as the day it was caught if not better thanks to TJ and his artistic skill! Thanks Bill....thanks TJ...and thanks Dad!
Crystal Buggers are HOT!!
Things around here are falling into more seasonable conditions.  Bright, hot days have been the norm this week and, although the weather for outdoor recreation has been perfect, it's not quite the best for fishing.  It's also time to have that stream thermometer handy.  If that water creeps up around and over the 70 degree mark and you're still trout fishing, you stand a very good chance to kill any fish you hook and play for more than even a few seconds.  It's smart to have a backup plan that includes bass or trib fishing when there's a good chance water temps will be in the lethal range for trout on the bigger rivers.  Let's keep things simple....if the water is 69 or higher, find somewhere else to fish.
Mike's Brown Drake cripple
This onset of drastically warmer air and water temps almost always coincides with the emergence of Brown Drakes, and this year is no different.  We spotted some of our first Drakes of the season last night on the Lamoille, so keep a close eye over the next few nights as this hatch brings the big boys out to play!  We have some fresh Brown Drake cripples that Mike tied here at the shop, but I don't find the fish to be overly picky during this hatch.
I'm pleased to say that we finally have our logo t-shirts in stock!  It took what seemed like a year and a day but we finally have a few different styles with our logo and fish skin artwork.  They look great and best thing is they are MADE IN THE USA!!!!
There are only a few remaining spots in Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp, so inquire before they are gone!  We have 1 spot in session #1 on 6/22 and 4 spots for the 7/26 session.  You can send us an inquiry HERE.
As many of you already know, we are now tying 95% of our flies here in-house.  This means our customers have access to quality flies tied right here and not in some sweat shop....well, maybe it feels like one in here sometimes anyway.  Get in here and see us!

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