Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wet Weather Continues

Our bass pro Matt has been smokin'em with the conventional gear! Book a trip with Matt and see for yourself!
The wet weather has really been hanging around with bits and pieces of sun here and there. Yesterday's heavy rains in the morning dirtied up even our smaller streams and the Lamoille is still a dirty, 1200cfs as I write this. We've had to move some river trips to the stillwater, but we've still been fishing! I was on Waterbury Sat and Sunday this past weekend and the rains have really flooded out that place! The water level is several feet above normal and there is debris all over the place. Definitely tough conditions for the fly-rodder, but we managed some fish here and there. I see more and more people that should not be at the helm of a motor boat every time I go out. I'm starting think we should offer boat ramp viewing trips where we sit 25 yards offshore and observe the comedy at the ramp....priceless stuff!
Remember that we also offer conventional bass fishing trips with our bass pro, Matt. If throwing flies isn't your thing, we'll set you up with Matt for an unforgettable day of bassin'! Drop us a line HERE and we'll set it up! 

This week's tying video features a guest appearance from 16 year old Noah Gates of Franklin, VT. This kid can tie and we have a selection of his patterns here at the shop for sale, so swing by and get ya some! This particular "Noah's Big Belly Streamer" has been a hot seller and the toothy fish seem to find it very appetizing!

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