Monday, May 23, 2016

Sorry If We Missed You!

Looking out the office window
I want to first apologize to anyone that came out to the shop to find nobody here this past weekend. Mike and I have been super busy with tours and classes and it's been a struggle to find shop coverage. We're happy to be so busy and we're doing our best to keep up, so please bare with us. We sincerely appreciate the support we get from our local and visiting community if anglers!
Coolest Couple Ever!
Floating and wading tours this past week have had great success thanks to the great conditions we're having presently. Bright sun has really been keeping rising activity down throughout the day, but the fish are still chomping below the surface! Whether they're swung or dead-drifted, Pheasant Tail nymphs have been the hot nymph. Mike's guys hammered'em drifting PT's along the seam and I found fish that only wanted them swung through the fast water. Either way, have some bead head PT's in your box! We've got'em locally-tied right here in the shop!
I floated possibly the coolest couple ever the other day and the fish karma was definitely on their side. The fish were really chasing streamers and the sunny conditions made for some very cool visuals! Sitting in the front seat of our Star raft is like being on top of the world. You can see everything and watch the fish chase and hammer your fly. Such a good time!
One of many from the day
Last night's scattered t-storms brought water levels up in some spots. The Lamoille had bumped up on the upper river, but flows hadn't yet made it downstream as of writing this post. Air temps are on the rise, so we really need some more widespread rain to keep things fishy. Water temps on the Lamoille are right around 60 up high and a couple degrees warmer down river. We've been catching stocked brookies in the Lamoille which is strange. They must have gotten thrown in the mix.
Small Stream Wonders (D. Harben Photo)
The tributaries are producing a mix of stocked and wild ones as well. Flows on the tribs have been getting a bit low, so fish are more readily jumping on dries and small nymphs vs. the larger stuff. 
One thing that is for sure is there has been a lot of people out and about fishing lately! Between seeing folks in the shop and on the water, it is very much apparent that the season is in full swing!
The bassin' scene is in a transition between pre-spawn and fish that are in full spawn mode with no interest in eating a fly or lure. Matt has had some great success on the still water, so give a buzz and go fishing with him!
We could use some help in the shop so, if you know of anyone that may fit the part, please let us know! 

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