Friday, May 26, 2017

Late May report

We are over a month into the trout season and so far so good.  Steelhead season gave up some nice fish and as of now, we have been getting rain when we need it.  Hendricksons have hatched and are now waning giving way to sulphers.  While the henricksons were plentiful there was very little surface activity to speak of. I have yet to catch a fish on a dry fly this year and in general, the dry fly bite has been slow to pick up but, that should change over the coming days.  We had some trips out this week and while 2 were successful, one was very slow.  The slow trip took place on the Winooski on a weekend and I was blown away by the fishing pressure. Throw in groups of paddlers out and about and it makes for an interesting experience.
GMT client this week from a trip with
guide Dalton Harben
Looking ahead we have pretty good fishing weather in the immediate future.  Air temps in the 60's and low 70's are keeping the rivers nice and cool.  Even though you can fish throughout day we are about to enter that time of year where morning and evening fishing are the time to be out.  The sun rides high on these long days and the trout are more likely to play when light is low or its overcast. Not to mention hatches will be most common in the p.m.
For flies we have been using streamers as they seem to be turning the most fish.  I have caught some on #12 pheasant tails as well.  Prince nymphs and copper johns are also reliable for the rest of the summer. Throw some hares ears in olive and natural in your box as well and you should be all set as far as nymphing.  Expect to see #14 sulphers, #10 march browns, #14 tan caddis and #10 brown drakes over the next couple weeks.  Speaking of drakes, memorial day marks the time of year when large drake mayflies start hatching in our coldwater ponds.  Grey, Brown, Yellow drakes and Hex mayflies will all start making an appearance in the weeks
to come.
Rivers have been stocked for the most part and fish have been spread throughout the waterways.  VT fish and wildlife made an interesting switch this year and stocked 2700 brook trout in the Lamoille in Hardwick to Wolcott.  This seems like less than ideal brook trout habitat and I wonder if it was a decision based on science or a financial one.  I trust our biologists know more than me but I will say that the rainbows thrived upstream last year so I can't the rational here.  Well that's about it. Don't forget the ditch pickle classic tourney takes place on Lake Champlain this June 24th-25th.  Save the date and come join the fun.

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