Thursday, April 12, 2012

Damn These Roads Are Bumpy

A dandy of a smallie, but we were hoping for a dandy of a northern today
Today's conditions were much more favorable than our last day out, but the fish gods didn't seem to be on our side.  We fished a pond in the northern tier and we really wanted to get a big northern!  The water was a chilly 42 degrees to start and we hooked a small fish right off the batt, but we only ended up with a couple smaller pike and a chunker of a smallie on the day.  Winds were out of the N/NW at about a steady 10mph which made it seem much colder than it was.  We'll be back there after it warms up a touch
Many of our local roads (like Rte 15 between Johnson & Cambridge) have seen smoother days :-)  Not the best conditions for towing a boat


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