Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gone Bassin'

Depending on where you live, you got anything ranging from a light drizzle to 1.5" hail.  In Hyde Park we had mostly heavy rains that didn't last very long and, to this point, have had only minimal effects on the Lamoille Watershed.  It seems like the Winooski got hit a bit harder.  It's gauge in Montpelier is currently reading 391cfs and is on the rise straight up. 
Although I didn't get a temp, I'm assuming that the Lamoille spent most of yesterday over the 70 degree mark.  It didn't cool down much last night, so odds are it's still on the warm side for trout fishing.  Tribs will be the best bet until the bigger rivers cool down some.  We did witness a massive Brown Drake hatch a few nights ago behind my house in Hyde Park.  We got in the water just before dark and were able to hook a couple fish, but it wasn't epic like we expected.  The couple nights that followed had water temps above 70 so, as we often find during Brown Drake time, the water was just too warm to fish.
We'll be down on the North Shore of Mass the next few days striper fishing and I can't put to words how exciting the first trip of the season to the coast is.  Aside from steelhead, Striped Bass are, in my opinion, the ultimate game fish!  Check out the above video of Capt. Blaine Anderson landing the largest striper recorded on video.
Dave will be covering the shop for us this week and we'll be open Thursday too, so be sure to pop in and pay him a visit! ----<"(((((><

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