Saturday, June 2, 2012

Death, Taxes & Linesiders

We just returned from a trip out of state striper fishing and here is what's going on.  The forecasts were calling for inches of rain this weekend but they have scaled those amounts back quite a bit.  As of this friday eve we have 1/4 in. of rain here in Jeff.  Rivers are on the rise but still fishable as of now.  The good news is air temps have cooled dramaticly.  Today, I did a trip on a Lamoille trib and one client was so cold, I gave her hand warmers.  Crazy, handwarmers in June!  No doubt, it was raw out but, the fishing was good.  We got around 9 fish to eat stimulators and princes. We missed more than we caught but it was still great conditions and happy trout.  The next 4-5 days look to be the same.  Cool, wet weather is forecasted until at least Wednesday.  This is great fishing weather and as long as we can avoid a blowout  things should be good. We will have to wait and see because I have seen very conflicting precip forecasts and at my house right now, its pouring buckets. 
As far as our trip to the north shore it was a bit of everything.  We had great weather, windy weather, big waves, smooth glass, blitzes, slow lulls, threatning t-storms, nice fish, small fish,etc.  Schoolies were everywhere and we had fun catching them on most flies we threw.  Having a 5 or 6 wt. would have been a blast.  Every now and then we would hit a keeper size fish but, we were never able to find solid pods of large bass.  Most people we saw were doing about the same or worse.  Surf candies and slider patterns were consistant as well as some other sand eel imitations.  It's always fun to hit the salt and get outta the mountains for a bit but, its nice to be back in VT for a week of cool weather.

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