Saturday, May 19, 2012

High Pressure

The story this week is sunshine.  We have had bright sun and it looks like the weather will stay that way at least through the weekend.  I fished a Winooski trib midday yesterday and between the clear water and the sun, things just did not feel right.  We caught some small wild bows on nymphs but no big fish were seen or hooked.  Not surprising in that kind of weather but,  ya can't always get out when it's perfect.  There were some bugs around and the fish were not responding to them on the surface.  We saw mostly yellow sallies, and a couple of  large mayflies that I did not identify.  Most large rivers should have sulphers coming off right now although I have not seen any myself.  So, between the weather, the good water flows and the recent local stockings, this weekend should be some very good fishing, just be sure to have some spinner patterns with you cause the next couple o weeks usually marks some of the better spinnerfalls of the season. Have fun out there.

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