Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Isolated rain

We have been on the water guiding and fishing around the Lamoille this week and we saw quite a varity of bugs.  Sometimes fish were eating them, sometimes not.  Sulpher spinners have been over the water just after 7:15 or so, and I've seen duns popping off in the late afternoon/early eve.  March browns and stoneflies have also been around.   2 nights ago there was a very large hatch of caddis and fish were all over them for about an hour.  Lots of stockies caught on an x-caddis pattern.  The other night saw bugs hatching and few fish rising.  So, we have seen a bit of everything this week.  Yesterday, I had a 70 year old client who was a blast.  He did good and caught 4 or 5 stocked rainbows and missed as many. All those fish came on flashback pt nymphs #14 on the swing. Then we switched spots and he got 1 nice wild bow on a #10 olive crystal bugger.  We fished late morn into early afternoon and the bug activity was slow but there were random risers here and there.  The best action I have seen has been from 7:30 pm to dark.  With that said,  we might see some water temps possibly topping 70 on the big rivers in the pm this week.  
Last nights rain was interesting around here cause the storms were very heavy in isolated spots.  Here in Jeff, rivers look messy but, east of here looks downright low.  At first, I figured they were holding water back in Lake Lamoille but, upstream of there, is clear as day.  
So, the rest of this week will have decent weather, just a little warm with a chance of rain on Friday.   Have fun out there. 

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