Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gotta Love Vermont!

The super heat from earlier this week has finally broken down a bit and we're getting back down into the 50's at night, which will help cool down the water a bit.  The brutal truth is that we are desperate for rain.  Possibly some popcorn storms will pop up today, but we'll have to see.  In low, hot conditions like this, trout have to make the decision to stay in the faster moving oxygenated water or to move to secondary lies where they don't have to work as hard to stay in place.  And they are ultra spooky right now!  Mike fished a very small trout stream with guests today and had some success with small dries.  In these conditions, setting yourself up to make the best possible presentation is essential!  Water temp was 66 degrees at 7:30 am.  They hooked fish on #18 elk hairs, #14 stimulators, and ants.  The ants were the top producer though.  Not many bugs around to speak of except some #18 yellow sallies.
I had a great angler out smallie fishing yesterday and we caught heaps of fish between about 8-15".  We didn't change out our frog color popper all day and I think I have turned a new angler on to the wonderful world of bassin' on the fly!  We did have some bruisers come up to inspect our fly, but tough to get a committment out of them in these conditions.  The water temp has warmed considerably since last week and was between 78-80 on the surface.  Just about every cast that was made accurately over shaded, submerged rocks yielded a strike.  We pretty much had the entire fishery to ourselves yesterday until the fish's cooperation slowed down when the sun came up high in the sky.
We sent a couple trips out with our new bass pro, Matt Applebaum of Bass Fishing Vermont and they were a huge success!  We're very happy about our partnership with Matt, since we can now rest assured that we can refer clients to an excellent conventional fishing guide that knows Vermont's bass waters better than most!  If you're looking for an outstanding conventional bass fishing trip, look no further than Matt Applebaum!  Drop us a line and we'll set you up! 

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