Friday, July 13, 2012

Camp Recap

We're back from our week at Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp and it couldn't have gone better!  I think every single one of the kids asked if they could come back next year and the 15 year olds want us to bring them on a junior guides.  We had amazingly consistent weather each day with days 75-85 and nights around 48-50.  The wind blew at us pretty hard, but we managed around that obstacle by picking the right windows of time to fish the different options we had.  Thanks to the colder nights, we were able to get on cold streams in the mornings with smaller groups of kids and save the afternoons for pond or lake fishing.  Brian, Mike and I each had our boats docked at Lake Groton, so it was an easy decision when the trout fishing was off to go hop in the boats for some bassin' on the lake. 
The kids loved fly tying, and I even think that 1 or 2 kids have found a serious new passion in fly tying.  It was great to see the kids creativity run wild at the tying vise and, 1 camper in particular only fished flies that he tied and he caught himself plenty of fish on them!
Noyes Pond was an absolute gem to have on site and it provided each and every camper with plenty of hookups on spunky brook trout amidst a completely wild setting where Common loons and Great Herons also share in on the fishing.
Some of the kids had fly fishing experience while others had no experience.  It was amazing how fast these kids got their skills dialed in!  They all went home with some great fishing stories to tell their families.
Our meals were outstanding and I can't say enough great things about the lodge innkeepers; JesseMae, Paul and the Adam's for creating the perfect ambiance for our camp!  We ate continental breakfast each morning with fresh muffins, homeade granola and freshly squeezed oj.  We prepared our own deli lunches with organic Applegate Farms coldcuts and cheeses and the lodge staff prepared delicious homeade dinners for us with fresh greens from the garden, local and organic Vermont meats and even wood fired pizzas!
We're so proud to have finally gotten this camp off the ground and with such a great group of campers.  The success of this past week has given us the drive to continue to grow this camp into one of Vermont's finest destination camps.
Enjoy the pics --------<"((((><  Chris

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