Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who Gives a Crappy?

Although some areas were hit hard with last weeks rains, here in Lamoille County, we could really use some water to freshen up things!  The Lamoille in Johnson is only just above 100cfs and still dropping by the day.  Last I looked, the Winooski was flowing at 67 cfs.  Yes, 67 cfs.   Thankfully, we've got a few cooler nights in the mix, which will help keep water temps from completely boiling over.  Needless to say, the warmwater game is a good option until we get some water in our streams.  For the most part, we have been fishing lakes/ponds.  The past two days we have done kids clinics at Jay Peak and yesterday we taught 17 young kids how to fly fish.  Today, I was back at Jay doing a comprehensive fly fishing school that covered everything from knots, fly tying, entomology, casting, and catching.   The fish were hitting elk hair caddis pretty solid and there was no shortage of hoppers on the banks.  We have also seen lots of stonefly shucks along the river banks as well.  This is the time of summer where the mayflies tend to take a back seat.  There are only a couple of hatches of importance right now, namely paraleps (#18 mahogany parachute).  Of course, tricos will follow right behind them.  I have seen some random isonychia's but that is more of an August/September hatch.   Nevertheless, ants, hoppers, and stimulators (in that order) are top dry fly picks imo. I  If you're fishing trout water, always check water temps before fishing!  We have a chance for some wet weather Sun/Mon, but only a slight chance at that.  Do your rain dances!  

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