Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missed again

                                                                First time fly fishing.

The rain on Monday night missed us but did soak areas south of rt.2.  The only real change has been the air temps which have been cool with nights hitting the 40's.  The water levels around here remain unchanged.  Tribs are low and spooky with many creeks as low as I have ever seen them.  You can still hook up with some trout but you just have to adjust to the clear water.  Long leaders and light tippets are still in effect.  Move low and slow and take a minute before walking up on pools.  Yesterday, I guided some beginners in the am for some bass and we did well landing a bunch of fish.  The biggest ones escaped but most were 8-15 inches.  Most of the fish were caught on crystal woolly buggers in brown or black.  We hit small fish on frog poppers but the biggest were caught subsurface with moderate retrieves.   There was not much of a surface bite, just some random risers.  We did not throw a hopper but I am sure that would have turned fish on top as well.  Anyway, day times highs will be warm in the 80's and then back to seasonal temps by Saturday.  The flows are low as heck and will remain that way till at least Monday (labor day) when we have another chance of rain.  For trout this week, hoppers, ants(dry or sunken), princes #12-16, white parachutes or wulffs, para-adams #10-14 and small pt nymphs should work.

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