Thursday, September 6, 2012

We got rain

                                                    Wild browny ate a royal stimulator

On Tuesday we finally got some much needed rain.  In Jeffersonville we got 2 &1/4 inches while some areas north got over 6 inches.  The Lamoille River is brown and probably will just barely clear before the next set of rain this weekend.  The tribs however are looking mighty fine for the 1st time in awhile.  In fact they dropped rather fast and cleared up quick.  As of today (Thursday) we have some active weather out and about.  There are some strong cells going over parts of the region now but the more steady rain will come over the weekend where we will have a chance of another real soaker.  Looks like another inch or more could be on the way Sat. night.  This is great news although some areas have already exceeded average rainfall for the whole month of September. Anyway,  today the fishing was really good using dry flies that ranged from #14-16 para-adams, #16 green para-caddis, ants, and even some stimulator's.  The funny thing was all these flies worked during a trico hatch.  The fish were rising to tricos but were not keyed in on them. Mostly wild bows and browns ranging from 5-15 inches.   We also hooked some bigger fish on buggers both swinging and dead drifted through larger pools.  Tricos, Iso's, terrestrials, and some bwo's have all been seen on the water and should be a good fly choice from now till the end of the season.

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