Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some Rain Would Be Cool

A nice Champlain Smallie for Bob!
Summer is starting to lose its grip a bit now.  We've got some really cool nights on the way, which will help to put trout fishing back on the menu of fishing options.  I can't remember the last time I fished the Lamoille for trout, so it'll be nice to get back on it and see how the fish have fared through the heat.  We didn't get really any precip from last night's front that rolled through and had much more of a bark than a bite, but that's been standard fare this season.  The small stream fishing is about as spooky as it gets, so if you think your going overboard crawling on your hands and knees to get into position on a fish, you're proly not.
Flying ants have made a couple sporadic appearances, and I'm sure they be out again, so keep an eye out.  Larger princes and zug bugs are a great fly option to imitate the Isonychia hatch.  I love hopper/droppers this time of year too!  With the cooling water temps, we'll start to see bass moving more into the topwater bite zone, which makes life for us fly rodders a bit more interesting. 
We wrapped up our fly fishing lessons at Jay Peak's, Raised Jay Summer Camps yesterday with 24 kids that were all pumped to catch some fish!  We're really psyched with our partnership with Jay Peak.  Do yourselves a favor and go check out what Jay's done with their resort! 
I'm putting together some tentative plans for some unique fall fishing in the Great Lakes, so if you have the itch to catch world class steelhead and brown trout this year, gimme a shout!  I'm currently looking at October/Nov bookings, so don't slack!  This is your year to catch the big one!

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