Monday, August 13, 2012

Flying ants

We got some much needed rain and right now the tribs around here are looking and fishing good but dropping fast.  The Lamoille is still brown but receding as well.  Our next shot of rain should come Tuesday into Wednesday.  We had a great hatch of flying ants on Saturday and that's a pattern you want to have in your box for sure.  It is a very widespread hatch covering much area but sometimes they turn up in huge numbers while 15 miles away at a different exposure, there will be none.I have seen a couple of Isonychia's around so also keep on hand some para-adams #10-14 or maghogany parachutes of the same sizes.  I have never had fish get picky about fly size in that hatch so generally a #12 should be fine.  The thing about Iso's is they are strongest on the main stems which are both hot and brown right now.  This week looks like temps hitting 80 degrees most of the week and then dipping down into the weekend, so maybe we will get back on the big water sometime sooner than later.  In the meantime the tribs are fishing well and that is where I would focus my efforts right now.  I fished with some folks yesterday and a big foam stone fly pattern was the fly of the day. Get out there, there's only a couple months left in trout season and the fishing should only get better as we head into the fall. 

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