Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spooky Trout

                                           No pics today so here's a random vt brown.

We finally have some measurable rain in the forecast but I will believe it when I see it.  I guided this a.m. and as expected the water was low.  Very low.   Water temp was mid-sixties and 68 when we left at noon.   Our leaders were 4lbs and 12ft long.  We hit a trib and fished the fastest/most turbulent water I could find because plunge pools with white water are way more forgiving than slick clear water.  We missed a bunch of fish.  I think all of them came to a royal stimulator.  We definitely spooked a few fish even in the white/fast water.  At the next spot it was low and we were sight fishing.  I had to bust out the 6x and we missed 2 more on an ant and stimi.  We saw a crazy large brown jump clean outta the water and eat a damsel in the air.  I have never seen that from a trout and to see it in such low water was something else.  Before we got up there we had some company on the stream bank and it was game off.  We never saw her again.  Last spot we finally landed a wild bow on a #16 PT nymph.  We only landed that 1 wild bow today but missed just short of a doz.  I was happy with that considering the conditions.  So, sit tight and pray for rain.  The forecast looks wet into the weekend with heavy rains and t-storms.  Not the best weather to get out and fish but we really need it.  We will report back after the rains to let y'all know how it looks out there.

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