Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't Light A Match Out There!

A few shades of brown on GreenUp Day
This has been an amazing stretch of beautiful weather we've had lately, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's still only early May and we're being dealt June conditions.  The word on the local trout fisheries in this dry, sunny weather is that things have seemed right, but not many fish are being caught.  We floated several miles of the Lamoille on GreenUp Day and had pretty slow fishing along the way.  We did pick up a couple nice wild trout, but they were the result of many, many casts.  On a positive note, there was very little trash along the stretch we floated.  We still managed to pick up a bunch of garbage, but nothing like last year.
I know that most people reading this site care as much about their fisheries as we do.  For as many of us that care, many that fish our local streams and lakes just don't give a damn.  One very important person that does, in fact, care is our local game warden, Jason.  Jason has a huge area to monitor himself and can't be everywhere at once.  If you see anyone blatantly violating game laws, please don't hesitate to give Jason a call at 802-279-4875 and report the violation.
The lake fishing has been on fire lately with water temps rapidly heating up into the 60's.  I haven't done any topwater bassin' yet, but they were all over clouser patterns yesterday and wanted little to do with the Rapalas my buddy was throwing.  Many of our spawning bass are now fully in spawn mode and should be left alone to do their thing in peace.  It's tempting to wan't to make a cast or two to the fish thrashing around in a couple feet of water, but resist that temptation and move on.  

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