Friday, May 3, 2013

Dry Times

My Backyard Beat
It has been rediculously beautiful here as of late and, with this long spell of hot sunny weather, things are coming alive rapidly!  Yesterday, in 80+ degree heat, I fished a section of the Lamoille behind my house in Hyde Park that is now smack dab in the middle of the special regs stretch which runs from the downstream edge of the bridge in Ten Bends down to the downstream edge of the train trestle below Waterman Brook in Johnson.  This approx. 3.7 miles of river is the ONLY regulated trout water on the mainstem Lamoille to speak of, aside from Fairfax Falls which has a 2 fish limit solely aimed at prolonging the put-n-take fishery.  The Hyde Park/Johnson special regs limit anglers to artificial flies and lures only, as well as a limited creel limit of 2 fish.  
I had just over an hour to fish and, amidst a decent hatch of egg-laying caddis and small stoneflies, I swung big streamers through timber-ladden pools that are sure to harbor bigger, smarter trouts.   After about 20 minutes of no action I started daydreaming then, "Bang!" I had a decent looking rainbow slam my fly and spit it just as fast.  I've got your number now fish!
Mike was fishing a Lamoille trib down the road and had the same aggressive takes on a size 8 black crystal bugger which he capitalized on and was able to put a couple trouts in the net.  
It's hot out there, the air is dry as a bone and we don't have rain forecasted through at least  the next 5-7 days.  My advice is to get out there while the gettin's good!
The warmwater fishing has been really picking up too!  The latest report from Mr. Bass, Matt Applebaum is that his local bassin' hole has gone from 38 degrees just 8 days ago to 65 degrees yesterday!  The bass have moved from 36' down to just 3.5' of water!  Get those bass bugs tied up!
Just a reminder that tomorrow is GreenUp Day in VT and the store will be closed for the day so we can get out and do our part to clean up our precious fisheries.  Remember, that GreenUp bags are available at your town clerk's office.  Also, if you need some ideas for GreenUp spots, you can look here.
Fairfax Falls received the balance of it's brown trout stocking today.  F&W stocking reports can be viewed here.
Good luck out there <"((((((><
Get those kiddos fishing!

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