Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Fishing Right Now!

One more cast...
We had a great group of 4H kids yesterday for a fly tying session.  The kids ranged from 6-13 and they whipped up some great little trout bugs!  It's great to let the kids pick their own color combos and see what their little creative minds come up with.  If you have a group that would like to do a tying session, just drop us a line at
Clearing after a brief rainstorm
I had started to write a post yesterday, but just got too busy and had to put computer stuff on the back burner.  However, we have been trying to add fresh photos and content to the site as often as possible and I can see that reflected in our site visits!  We are seeing close to 10,000 visitors to  each month!  Thanks to all you that check in on a regular basis!  We're also seeing lots of new faces in the shop this season.  Remember that GMT is also on Facebook, so be sure to check in with us there as well.  You can also bookmark our other endeavors, the Ditch Pickle Classic and Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp.

A nice afternoon on a Lamoille tributary
Yesterday changed drastically from a bright, sunny day with a heafty breeze to a cloudy, damp rain bag in a matter of minutes.  I had a short, instructional outing planned with a great local angler who wanted to improve on his nymphing skills.  We fished a beat of water on the Lamoille that I had hoped would get us out of the wind and, luckily, it did.  After the short downpours cleared out, it turned out to be a beautiful evening for fishing.  I stuck around for just over an hour and he was able polish up his mending skills and nymph up a wild rainbow.  Sometimes anglers that have all the skills struggle with the mental fishing game and just need reassurance that they're doin' it all right.  Fish have a funny way of avoiding anglers that lack confidence, so stay confident out there and success will find you

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