Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Still Life With HDR

The colors of this wild Lamoille brown really pop with the added  HDR effect
It's amazing how far we've come in the world of digital photography.  The possibilities are virtually endless as long as you have a decent smart phone and a handful of photo-editing apps.  I've been discovering features on my phone that I never knew existed.  The result is some pretty cool images.  
HDR Smaille
We've been on the water just about every day lately and the local trout fishing really has picked up.  We've still not seen a ton of rainbows, but when our guests are catching beautiful wild browns like the one pictured above, it's easy to leave the river with a smile on our faces.  Crystal buggers in 8-10 and PT nymphs in a size 14 have still been turning heads for us.
This cold front will get moving out of here after tonight, but the theme remains the lack of water we currently have in the systems.  The Lamoille in Johnson is almost 400cfs below its mean flow for this time of year!  
I made the trek north to the Clyde looking for landlocks yesterday and found the river absolutely loaded with suckers, huge schools of yellow perch, rock bass and the occasional freight train smallie.  The water was low and, given the mass of suckers, I didn't bother nymphing at all.  Instead, I stripped big streamers hoping for a LLS to give chase.  I saw no sign of salmon, but did see a few foul-hooked suckers from the anglers that were nymphing.   

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