Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lushness Ensues

Wild Lamoille Rainbow
This week we'll be receiving some much needed rain with showers forecast just about every day!  Reports of light to moderate bug activity keep flowing i n along with confusion as to why few fish are taking meals off the surface.  Buggers and PT nymphs are still outproducing any other patterns on the trout water.  We're still seeing proportionately more wild browns in the main stem Lamoille than rainbows, but we have seen some nice wild rainbows like the one pictured above. 
Laundry Room Window of a Fly Fishing Guide
If you are lacking confidence in your nymphing skills, give us a shout.  I've chatted with several of our customers lately that struggle with nymph presentation.  We can take you down to the water for less than an hour and have you nymphing like pros! 
I fished a lake up north yesterday after the morning rains tapered off.  Water temps were 59-60 and it seemed like the bass were in spawn mode.  We rigged for pike and had lots smaller fish chasing, with few bigguns that turned away at the boat.  Only smaller fish landed and about a thousand and one short-strikes...that's fishin'!  

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