Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where's All the Zombies?

Cast there...mend...mend...set, set, set!!!
Lot's of reds and oranges is never a good thing
 Yesterday's father/son duo from Florida had a great outing on the Lamoille with Mike.  Any hatchery fish dumped into the system this year are more than willing to eat, but the majority of our mainstem rivers have yet to be stocked and some of our Lamoille tribs that were reportedly stocked are seemingly void of stockies....very strange.  Mike reported big Sulphurs (Invaria) and March Browns in the air and on the water.  When they were leaving the water at around 4pm, the rising activity was getting a bit more consistent.  The guys tugged on some fish and are pumped for their next fly fishing outing!
Somebody shut the water off!!  We need some rain pronto!  Thanks to these cold nights lately, we're maintaining good water temps and fishing remains steady.  However, if we don't get any substantial rainfall as we approach the hot season, it won't be pretty.
Don't forget the upcoming Fishing Reg Hearings.  Try to  make it out and give your 2 cents!  Now get out and fish!
Doug from FL and his first fly caught fish!

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