Saturday, May 11, 2013


Our junior guide givin' a lesson
We got a nice soaking rain last night and everything looks so much greener and smells so much fresher this morning.  The ground soaked up pretty much every bit of the rain, so river levels haven't budged much if at all.  As I sat here yesterday writing reports of little rising fish activity, Mike was out with a first-time fly rodder and reported decent bug activity with plenty of fish slashing on the surface.  Only Hendricksons were popping off, but an elk hair caddis was the meal they seemed most interested in.  I think that after fighting a half dozen fish to the net, we have hooked yet another new angler on catching fish on the fly!  Even the fallfish got some love yesterday and posed for a photo opp. 
Many of our local bass are in full-on spawn mode and I'm aware that some primary spawning tribs have been getting hit very hard by anglers.  We have so many fishing options right now that there is no need to repeatedly pound on spawning fish.  Please just let these fish do their thing and make more fish which, after all, is really what we all want right?...more fish <"(((((><
Not what you wanna see rolling down river when you're fishing!

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