Friday, May 31, 2013

Send in Those Comments!

There's only a handful of days left to submit your comments to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board regarding proposed changes to the current creel limits on brook trout.  You can send an email that will reach all members of the board to fwboard@list.state.vt.usWe are encouraging the board to consider amending the law to allow a maximum daily limit of 6 trout, with no more than 3 each of browns and rainbows.  Here's a copy of the message we sent to the board.  Feel free to copy, paste and add your signature.  Or, you can send your own message.  Either way, make yourself heard!...
Dear F&W Board Members,
I support the proposed changes to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife regulations regarding reducing the brook trout creel limit from 12 to 6. Reducing the daily bag limit from 12 to 6 is the least we can do for our state fish, however this isn't enough.
I'd like to ask the F&W Board to consider an amended proposal which would streamline the creel limits on trout across the board to 6 fish total with no more than 3 each of browns or rainbows. This amended proposal will offer a great umbrella of protection for our trout that need it the most.
I strongly urge you to consider this proposal as a catalyst to begin rebuilding what several years of droughts, heat waves and extreme flooding have destroyed on our precious trout streams.
                                                                                                             Green Mountain Troutfitters
                                                                                          Jeffersonville, VT
We've got another hot day up here today and the tribs are currently in great shape, although still moving at a good push.  The Lamoille is looking pretty good today all the way down thru Johnson, but it also is still flowing pretty hard.  Mike got out yesterday for some fishing on a Lamoille trib and brought some nice wild rainbows and browns to hand on a crystal bugger.  Still absolutely no sign of stocked fish in a tributary that was stocked before the high water event last week.  Matt A. had some happy clients tugging on the smallies yesterday and, depending on where you are, some bass have finished their spawning while others are still in pre-spawn mode or on their nests.

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