Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spreadin' the Fly Fishing Love

Our Brown Trout t-shirt image from our man, Damon
at Kind Designs.  Damon is the man!
Wow!...what a scorcher out there!  It's amazing how fast things can change from cold and dreary to hot and muggy.  It looks like the heat has already taken it's toll on the Winooski River, which clocked in a reading of 71.2+ degrees in Montpelier today!!  The Lamoille is much cooler but it won't be long with this kind of heat so get out there and get'r'done!  It's been such a welcome change of pace here with multiple fishing options currently available from bassin' to brookies, and anglers out and about catching good numbers of fish.  It's always great to turn new people on to fly fishing and today was a great day for spreading the love!  I had an awesome couple from Essex this morning for a casting clinic that really proved to be naturals with the fly rod.  After casting practice, we decided to move on to a Lamoille trib for some practice with the dry-dropper presentation, and my man Russ quickly went to work landing a wild brookie, brown and rainbow for the trifecta!  These fish were all 6-8" and as beautiful as it gets.  I think Russ is hooked for life!  The fish were feisty and seemingly keyed in on caddis based on the slashy rises.  We drew strikes dead drifting stimulator/prince rigs and stimulator/caddis pupa rigs.  The fish were chasing the nymphs right back to our feet!
I took another very cool Vermonter to a trib this afternoon and he landed his very first fish on the fly!  If I could bottle that excitement of the first fish on the fly and sell it, I'd be a millionaire.  Way to go Dave and "Underhill Jim"!!...You guys are what it's all about! 
Who knows what's going to happen tonight with the rain forecast... ??  We'll have to wait and see..
We have some days this week open with different options available depending on your taste.  Depending on how much of rain we get, we can wade and float this week, so hit us up.   Matt's also ready with the bass boat if you want to hit the lake with the spinning rod and "Mr. Bass!"...Over 25 fish with his last guests in a half day outing!  Let's get out and fish and help you dial your conventional and/or fly fishing game!

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