Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Wild Rainbow (Winooski Trib)
After a short set of super hot summer-like weather, we're back into fall-like weather today.  It was 50 degrees on my way to the shop this morning and it's only climbed into the mid 60's.  With a pretty gusty wind out there, it's not a bad day to bust out the hoody!  Starting Thursday, we have more rain coming that could drop several more inches of rain on our saturated area by the end of the weekend.  Currently the Lamoille is thumping at over 700cfs at the Johnson gauge, but the clarity has come back, at least for the moment.  The Lamoille tribs are a bit high, but still in great shape.  This cooler weather pattern will do great things for trout fishing as long as the pending rains don't blow everything up.  The major drainages were dangerously approaching lethal water temps last week and the Winooski even found it's way over the 70 degree mark so keep your stream thermometers handy just in case! 
I fished a little gem of a trout stream in the Lamoille Valley yesterday and, whereas backcountry brookie fishin' isn't really my cup-o-tea, I had a great couple hours rock-hopping, bushwacking and tugging on Vermont's smallest trout wonders.  The brookies were pouncing all over bushy dries like stimulators and elk hair caddis.  It's great to see a 4" trout try and eat a big dry fly. 

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