Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Proposed Brookie Limits Shot Down

Mr. Twister Master
Lately, if it hasn't been pouring buckets outside, it's been really hot!  The heat hasn't really been an issue since our larger rivers like the Lamoille, Winooski and Missisquoi have been largely unfishable lately.  However, now that flows have come down to fishable levels, keep an eye on water temps and pass up any water that's over 69 degrees if you're trout fishing.  Even if your intentions are to release your fish, it's really easy to kill trout in water exceding 70 degrees simply because the stress of the fight is too much for them to endure.  We've got plenty of cooler tributaries to keep the trout guys occupied during periods of thermal stress.
It's crazy to think that, even though I work in the fishing industry, it can still be difficult to find the time to fish on my own or with the kids.  It hasn't been easy to do too many impromptu outings with all the fluctuactions in the weather lately.  Sunday & Monday were my last days off for a couple weeks, so the fam and I decided to hook up the boat Sunday and head to our favorite smallie haunt.  My kids love smallmouth and it wasn't long after we started casting that I heard, "I think I got something," from my oldest son.  A split second later, a decent looking smallie rocketed out of the water and spit the white Mister Twister mid-air.....awesome to see!  We tugged on a couple smallies, had a swim, snacked on some Goldfish and called it a day.  Sometimes a day like that every once in a while is a great way to reset the system!
Dry weather is on the way! 
In other news, the proposed brook trout limit was voted down by the VT Fish & Wildlife Board.  Here is the response I received from one of the board members...
"Due to the fact that this was entirely a social issue and not one based on a biological need to protect the resource the Board opted to follow the majority of input received and stay with the current limit. All Board members in attendance voted to keep the limit at 12 save one."

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