Thursday, August 1, 2013

GMFFC and Farewell To An Old Friend

Edward came all the way from London to attend our camp. I think the local brookies 
are happy he's gone back to the UK so they can nurse some sore lips!
We just got back from our second session of Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp ( and we had another great group of kids!  It's crazy that we are done with camp for the season.  We'll certainly be expanding our options for campers next year as we've had lots of interest from kids all over the country and beyond.  I'll be posting a recap of our week at camp on the GMFFC website, so keep an eye out for it.
Aside from a rainstorm Sunday evening that dropped up to 2 inches of rain across our area, things have been in great shape lately.  The mainstem rivers are still suffering from thermal stress so keep a stream thermometer handy.   The Lamoille below Morrisville is still a bit dingy, but upstream sections are looking really nice.  The tribs are in great shape for morning fishing especially, and the bass have been more than willing if you wanna fish banker's hours.  We look like we're having a nice cool down coming next week, so we'll having plenty of fishing options opening up in the coming days.
I had to say goodbye to an old friend this week.  I got the call while at camp that my dog Peggy of 16 years was no longer able to stand up on her own and was nearing the end of her long, incredible life.  I was luckily able to rush home and be by her side for the last hours of her life.  I'll never forget how happy I was when I first brought her home, the many wonderful memories of our time together and just how lucky I was to have her at my side for 16 amazing years.  Rest in peace're in my heart forever

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