Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Conditions

Bassin' with the Jr. Banditos
We've had some absolutely beautiful, cooler weather this past week combined with some pretty heavy downpours.  As a result, mainstem rivers are still a bit stained and tribs are flowing a bit higher than the norm for this time of year.  The Lamoille above Morrisville is in far better shape than the lower sections and these recent cooler nights have set us up for some stellar trout fishing conditions that we don't normally see this time of year.  We have some wet weather forecast for the later part of the week, but it looks like a nice stretch of weather otherwise in the 10 day forecast. 
After spending several days fishing with the kids from Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp, it was great to have a couple days off to fish with my 2 little ones.  I always have to remind myself when fishing with my kids, keep it simple stupid.  As much as I'd like to see them haul in a 4 pound smallie, panfish provide constant action and the kids are just as happy watching them go nuts over a prince nymph under a bobber.  They even caught a couple juvenile smallies with that rig...good times!
We've been getting some incredible feedback from GMFFC campers and their parents about their experience at camp!  I even had a kid send me a message saying he was having "fly fishing camp withdrawl."  Another camper apparently told all his friends that our camp was the best time he's ever had!
Here's a couple pics sent in recently by former campers of GMFFC...
Peyton and his step-brother spending some quality time on the water
I don't think Jason has put down his fly rod since leaving camp!

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