Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Waning Days of Summer

The unseasonable cool down we've had over the past several days is coming to an end with air temps creeping back into the 80's this week.  Evening temps won't be too warm, but it's still going to be a good week for carrying a stream thermometer.  The Lamoille took a big dip yesterday, dropping down to close to 100cfs as a result of Morrisville Power Co operations.  Bad timing with the impending streak of hot days coming.
Flows everywhere else are looking mostly like the norm for this time of year.  Lower water generally means fish that are more concentrated in primary lies and less fish occupying the secondary water.  Evening hatches on our mainstem rivers will be a challenge over the next several days due to water temps.  It's a good time to get your bass on or fish tribs.  Water temps should be alright on the big water early in the am, but once the sun gets high in the sky, things will warm up quick with these low flows.
Two days ago when the temps spiked, we had another emergence of flying ants.  I didn't see any yesterday, but they're still on the menu.  Make sure to have some ant patterns in the box this week!
A huge thanks to Arthur Rafus for putting together the video above from his experience as a counselor at Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp last month.  Arthur is quality individual, angler and guide.  We were lucky to have him at camp and I know for a fact he left a lasting impression on those kids!
I got out for one of the last days on the boat with the Sunfish Slayers (my kids) before they go back to school next week.  I've fished in some incredible places with great company, but nothing compares to watching these kids when they're on "panfish patrol!"  Good times

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